Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Brother From Another Planet - Ras G

Ras G , the brother from another planet , the grand Poo-Bah of L.A is a man amongst the cosmos , directing his listeners through a deep space age with his heavy underground Hip-Hop tones and bass lines. Crafting his work since the early 90's , he is delivering music that will be played in years to come. Ahead of his tour of Perth , Brisbane and Melbourne next month, Ras G talks about the Brainfeeder massive , the L.A scene , the effect Flying Lotus has had and more.

Since the foundation of Poo-Bah records with artist Black Monk , releases have come from Samiyam and Take plus numerous other L.A residents , are you proud of the direction that you have taken in establishing these underground Hip-Hop/electronic beat makers to the mainstream?

Yes certainly I just like 2 release the most original pieces of work by these certain artist simply cause i feel like it will make its mark in time and hopefully maybe get a lil light from the mainstream.

Within your home of Los Angeles , there is the Low End Theory club , where a whole host of electronic heavyweights have played. Gaslamp Killer , Flying Lotus , Lorn , Teebs , Daddy Kev , D-Styles plus Sydney's very own Prize , what is it like inside the low end theory? Also how has the progression been since the early days to now to create a constant flow of heads coming through the club on a weekly basis?

Low End Theory is like CHEERS "the tv show" and Im Norm outside smoking blunts while the walls shake from every form of bass u could possibly imagine inside its a thousand or so kids EVERY wensday ready 2 get these face smashed, there necks snapped,and there musical minds enhanced.

Your mixes are laced with heavy bass lines , deep space undertones , rich tapestrys of Hip-Hop and jazz influences, not forgetting the signature Air Horn , how much time goes into setting up your mixes for Radio and live performances?

Im just having fun so time is no issue when im zoned out on making a mix or working on my live set i just make sure i have my tunes lined up, my live show is a continual thing its gets better as i make new tunes or get tunes from like minded friends that fit the set i just aim 2 have fun with it all.

Producers back in Sydney would like to know what software you use and the creative thought process you undertake to constuct a track?

Man i use records tapes,movies whatever i don`t have a special software i use standard recording Garageband, cassette tapes, whatever just 2 get the idea recorded so i can smoke my trees and listen 2 it ....and ain`t no particular thought or idea i have in my mind when im working im just having outer body experiences making the music smoking trees and nodding my head or whatever sometime i don`t wanna make headnod shit so like i said it varies.

How much do you think playing at the Skectchbook night at L.A's Temple Bar influenced you to where you are today?

I think heavily thats where the artistic community linked and bonded and planted seeds 2 be what it is today LOW END THEORY, BRAINFEEDER, MHD, and varies other crews across the globe.

I watched the "Planet Austin Invasion" video on Dublab , how much fun was it putting that together?

Mad fun going recording shopping in other places is always fun it was a day in my life on camera u ask me.

You have termed the Brainfeeder collective "the X-men of future music" , what character out of X-men would best suit Flying Lotus?

He's Flying Lotus, I'm Ras G , Samiyam is Samiyam, GLK is The Killa we have our own special individual powers which makes us our own special characters.

What is next for you in terms of releases?

SPACEBASE IS THE PLACE LP, ALTERNATE DESTINY EP(REWORKED) coming out on POOBAH ,working on a new BRAINFEEDER record, El AYLIEN PT 2 Cassette on Leaving Records and a couple of other things stay tuned we going everywhere wit this music above the clouds and below the clouds all planes of sound.

How did you feel when you heard of your good freind Kutmah's deportation charge?

I was one sad alien when i heard it...drank alot of henny,coke and 3 limes(Tennis Skirt) but all in all thats my comrade in this music for many years its fucked up SHIT-UATION but its all good its hurdle he had 2 overcome BUT when he gets out ITS GONNA BE A FUCKING PROBLEM cause nothing @ this point can hold him back from being the amazing artist,dj/musician that he is and the music community in LA and ABROAD has got his back.

What does the future hold for Ras G and the Afrikan Space Program?

Everything and nothing @ the same time just know it only gets better ideally.

Where do you see electronic music being taken to in the future? Do you see the L.A scene as being the frontrunner of electronic music if they aren't already?

Not sure i will stay tuned as u all will haha we just being out here.

With much excitement from a lot of people over here , you are hitting Australian shores very shortly for some shows. What can fans expect when they see you live for the first time?

Thankyou for your time and I look forward to your show in Melbourne ...


Ras G's dates are as follows -

Perth at the Bird on the 22nd July

Brisbane at the Step Inn on the 23rd

Melbourne at the Roxanne Parlour on the 24th!