Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Electric Egypt

Australian beat maker Electric Egypt has been making plenty of positive noise in the the realm of beats , from Jay Scarlett to Frosty , people are taking notice of what he has been serving up. With his release Impressions Of The Inexpressible Invisible out on Japanese label Moamoo , more is sure to come from this well knowledged creator of electronic music. EE was nice enough to answer some questions regarding the rise , progression and future of Electric Egypt.

How long have you been making music for and what influenced you to do it?

Always. It's never been a conscious decision, it's just always been there, always has been and always will.As a youth I'd become a big fan of Jimi Hendrix, which played an influential part in my taking up the guitar at the time.I got classical guitar lessons for a few years there, and, especially now, I can appreciate the discipline that really taught me.But I'd always rocked the tins, phonebook & chopsticks drum kit.I'd annoy everyone, tapping out beats on my lap as a kid, always, at school, while family's trying to watch tv..... even just walking and chattering my teeth and whatever was in my pocket to the rhythm of my footsteps, you know, it's just there in everything you do.

Who do you look up to in the world of beats?

I wouldn't say so much that I actually look up to anyone,but there are definitely some influential producers right now who's frequency resonates particularly well with me.Some of those within the current beat scene would be names like Shlohmo, Ras G, Carlos Nino, Teebs.......I'm also real excited to be hearing big names like Erykah Badu and Bilal working with producers such as Madlib and Shafiq Husayn. Plus of course, all of my musical fam I'm involved with on a more personal level such as As Valet, 10th Letter, Ichiro, Kris Infinity.......

It's not just an L.A. thing, it's a universal thing, energy flows where attention goes.I'm a serious digger, so I really need to stress that my influences reach right back through the entire scope of recorded music history.The current names within the beat scene are really just a continuation in the lineage of something which is so large, it transcends any particular labels ortrends. 'ANCIENT TO THE FUTURE' . If you think about it, really, any musician with a heartbeat is making "beat" music.

How did the connection with Dublab come about?

Frosty at Dublab has given me a whole lot of love and support, for which I'm very grateful.He really shares the complete spectrum of my vision, and I'm fortunate that he's in a position to help tune people into what I'm doing. But likewise, I'm a big fan of what those guys are doing, so it's all love really!

Your full length debut 'Impressions Of The Inexpressible Invisible' was released on Moamoo out of Japan, why Japan of all places?

The Japanese audience have a heavy rep of being seriously committed to the sub cultures they are passionate about.This obviously includes music. They LOVE their music, and have an insatiable appetite to know and experience everything they can about it.The label I'm with, Moamoo, is a branch of Art Union Japan, whom released some heavy jazz recordings in the 1970's, and continue to release beautiful music to this day. Continuing with new releases from currently influential names such as Carlos Nino.

Moamoo also has a great catalog of releases, for example, Lucky Dragons 'Rara Speaks', which was def one of my personal fav's of '09!The people I work with in Japan are completely devoted to this thing, and have an incredible amount of love for the music.Also, the beautiful inner artwork for 'Impressions...' was done by my Japanese brotha Tokio Aoyama,so the Japan connection runs deep!

You are getting respect in all the right places, how did it feel to be played on the BBC during the Mary Anne Hobbs show?

That was cool, you know, it's a blessing every time someone connects with what your projecting. The Advantage of Mary Anne Hobbs show is the sheer scale of the audience, and the fact that they trust in what's being presented on the show, will be of relevant interest.Mary Anne Hobbs is carrying the torch in the tradition of legendary broadcasters like John Peel, so yeah, it's an honor!

But really, there's so much music out there, that anytime any dj or broadcaster, anywhere, selects your music.......it's truly a blessing.

What are you working on at the moment?

Right now I'm recording a collaboration album with my Parisian brotha As Valet, who also appeared on 'Impressions Of The Inexpressible Invisible'.That one should be coming out a bit later on in the year.

Meanwhile, also out on Moamoo is As Valet's official debut album 'Primitive',the artwork for which was done by our fam in California - Jeff Madrid aka JAO who's also handling the visuals for the colab project.

Do you see yourself wanting to produce tracks in the future?

Miles Davis used to say that all his concerts are floating somewhere in outer space, complete and intact.The music never dies, and on this planet and beyond, I'll continue to project frequencies of love through music.

Where can people purchase your release?

The release is intended as a complete experience in the traditional album sense, for which the physical artwork plays a major part.In Australia you'll find it at Wax Museum Records, Planet Video in Perth..........Elsewhere, places like Amazon, Norman Records in Europe, a whole bunch of shops in Japan,and direct from the label. Or, it is available digitally through itunes.

There's also a vinyl ep version on the way, and I'm getting some t-shirts made over in the states right now,both should be available real soon.

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