Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nosaj Thing

Jason Chung , better known as Nosaj Thing is one of L.A'S finest architects of electronic music. A master of the electronic beat , his soundscapes have captured the whole world , so much so that his album 'Drift' reached number 5 on the electronic music charts on Itunes. Having recenty played at the Sonar music festival , Nosaj was good enough to give me some of his time.

You recently played at the Sonar music festival in Spain , how did that go?

It went really well. I've heard of Sonar for quite some time now and been wanting to check out Barcelona. It was everything I expected.

What equipment do you use for your live shows?

Ableton, Mpd32, and iPad

You have done a few remixes in your time , whats the thought process when remixing someone else's track?

I try to use just a few elements from the original to be able to put in more of my own but it's different for every song.

What is next for you in terms of releases?

I have a remix album for "Drift" in the works with really amazing guests. It will be announced soon. I'm also working on the next album.

Who are your musical influences , and who impresses you these days?

Random mix...Dre, Timba, Debussy, Satie, Boards of Canada, Neptunes, Radiohead to name a few. Been listening to Drake, Toro Y Moi, and James Blake.

What software do you use when creating a track?

Ableton, Logic, NI .

Your record Drift is a favourite of mine from the last year , is your next release going to sound the same or are you going to take a different avenue in terms of what your debut was?

Thank you. It's going to be a bit different with some guest vocals.

How did you come up with the visual element for your live shows?

I got inspired after watching Cornelius' live show. I collaborated with an amazing design team called Fair Enough.

You have played all over the world , where have been some of your most memorable shows to date?

Amsterdam had one of the best crowds I played for. LA is always good because the venues I usually play there are really intimate.

You have a fair bit of support over here in Australia , are their any plans to visit anytime soon?

I think there are plans for the end of the year.

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