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Dizz1 from right here in Sydney has been making beats since an early age and has never looked back. In 2008 he was invited to the Red Bull Music Academy and the next year featured on Jay Scarletts Beat Dimensions Vol. 2 with his track Konotakosuke Yaro. He has played to packed venues accross the country and overseas supporting the likes of Benga , Dorian Concept , DJ Kentaro , Dexter , Emalkay , Mystro and many other big names.

In the last year he released his EP '3rd time lucky' on Kindred Spirits and recently returned from a European / UK tour which included Sonar festival in Spain. If you have ever seen Dizz1 live , you would know he is a beast on Ableton live. I first saw him at Hermans Bar for the Dorian Concept show and I've been a fan since. He is busy working on his record and other big things , so it was with much pleasure that I was able to ask him about all this and much more.

You have recently returned home after being overseas for a period of time , where you played at the Sonar music festival in Spain , how was that whole experience?

Yeah it was a real honor to be able to play there and I loved every minute of it! Sonar is one of the few festivals I've been to that still maintains a real forward thinking approach to the acts and installations that they book and it seems the focus wasn't completely on obvious headliners which was a nice change cause I got to check loads of artists I otherwise never would have seen before!

Locally you have had quite a good run of shows this year , from supporting DJ Kentaro at The Forum to recently playing alongside DJ Dexter, what has been the a highlight among them all?

Yeah that Kentaro gig was definitely the highlight in Australia this year! Mad up vibes and great turn out!

How would you describe the style of music that you make to someone who hasn't listened to you before?

I guess its hip hop with a bunch of influences from UK and Jamaican bass music.

You recently worked with Sydney MC Tongue on his next release , can you tell us the sound that came out of that?

Yeah I had a real blast working with The Tongue. He's a super cool fella and knows what he is looking for.I just played him a load of my beats and he chose 2 of them and then we mixed them up at Gusto from Hermitude's studio in the Blue Mountains which was a real treat! Pretty much your standard Dizz1 type bizz.One of them features Gift Of Gab too.

How important do you think making connections in the industry is?

I guess it depends what you are trying to do but as "they" say, its not "what" you know...

How was it working with Omas Keith of Sa-Ra Creative Partners fame for the track 'We go ridin'?

Man is a creative genius, super funny and passionate person and above all that, a gentleman. Real pleasure to work with, I loved every minute of it!

Who Influences you in terms of music , who do you look up to?

I'm lucky to have been surrounded by musical people all my life so the list would be too long to even bother skimming through! As far as producers I've met and worked with go, Id have to say, Mark Pritchard, Steve Spacek and Stereotyp to be up there. Also my boy DJ Dexter, Jase (Beathedz) and my homey Leigh Brzeski (Interakt/Kreatures) for their constant vision!

What shows do you have coming up?

Playing in Melbs with Ramadanman in August. Also got quite a few supports coming up but I cant say shit cause they havent been announced yet and Ill probably get my fingers broken if I do : )

Is there any MC'S that you would like to work with in the future?

Yeah loads. A lot of my favorite Mc's from the 90's. All in good time.

For the DJ Kentaro show at the Forum , you had a visual display which worked very well , is that where you would like to take your shows in the future?

Yeah big ups to Spook! We got big plans!

Whats projects are you working on at the moment?

Im putting the finishing touches to a remix for Dibiase as I type this. Also doing some beats for a few Mc's from here and abroad. My album is top priority right now though, taking ages to get all the vocals back from the MC's so I guess I just gotta play the waiting game and work on the instro stuff till then! Bloody Mc's... lol

Im also teaching Ableton Live up at Live School in Kings Cross (Sydney) so if you want to learn anything to do with making music, give me a shout!

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