Friday, July 2, 2010


Residing out of Bakersfield California , Charles E. Dickerson , better know as Mono/poly is an electronic musician who recently released his dark record 'Paramatma' through Tasteful Licks. Mono/Poly who rolls with the Brainfeeder and Low End Theory crew lets his listeners delve into the every day conspiracy of war and government with his wonky , dubstep , dancehall and Hip-Hop sounds. This could turn out to be one of the most defining records of electronic music to come out L.A , for me it will go down as one of the most outstanding records of 2010.

Mono/Poly - Charles E. Dickerson , its an honour to interview you , what have you been up to today?

Hello, nothing much just coming up with ideas for the next releases.

Life has definately moved up a gear since the days of studying computer engineering , you must be proud of how its all developed to this day?

Sure, Im definitely proud of what Im doing now.

What is the message that you would like listeners to take away with them after listening to your new release Paramatma?

Transformation... We all need to move to the next level of life. We aren't civilized yet until we stop these wars and come together as a human race. Money needs to end and we have to come together and push toward freeing individuals to their highest potential.

The term 'monopoly' means 'a specific individual or an enterprise having sufficient control over a particular product or service to determine significantly the terms on which other individuals shall have access to it' , I guess this outlines quite clearly the record coming out via U.S.B and the way in which listeners were able to play it. Was this the theory behind releasing it via U.S.B?

No, it just how Tastefullicks and other labels have been doing new releases. Also my name has nothing to do with that type of monopoly thats why my alias is Mono/Poly. Paramatma is actually the way in which you fully understand the name Mono/Poly (The individuated you in your physical body and the all that is you which is source, or god.) At first I actually liked people pronouncing my name in speech as monopoly but now I hate it because then people can get the wrong idea for what its about. Id rather people pronounce the Mono and Poly separately now.

Beatles Bitch would have to be one of my favourite tracks of the past year, what is the creative process you undertake to create new material?

I do a great amount of sound designing from drums to synths and outside sources and after that I just arrange and create what I feel.

Like nearly all records these days, Paramatma was sadly leaked online before its release date , and you came out publicly with something to say regarding this. After putting in work for more than a year on the album, how dissapointing was it that this happened? (I am happy to say that I purchased it via itunes)

I actually wasn't too disappointed because I of course knew it was going to happen. Also either way its good that people get to pass it on since it's meant to awaken people but to me its like why not buy the record? It's quality and enlightening material and it's done in such a original way. Tastefullicks even created an excellent USB full of bonus material on top of that.

Do you see a lot of other albums released like this in the future?

Yeah, more people are already using the usb format.

Since Flying Lotus captured everyones attention a few years ago, it seems L.A has really exploded globally in terms of the future beats scene , Gaslamp Killer , Samiyam , Ras G and yourself have shown the world what Los Angeles is made of. How much of an influence do you think Steven Ellison has had on all of you?

I can't speak for anyone else but to me personally he was a big catalyst for me to keep pushing my creations even more into the next level. I really dig what Steven is doing.

What are you working on at the moment? I hear you have an E.P coming out later this year on Brainfeeder?

Yes the Brainfeeder EP is done but it's the art work that needs to be finished.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years? Where would you like to take the sound that you are creating?

Im always learning new things from all over the place and doing something new so who knows where ill be in the next few years. Though I would like to see more of my music accompanied with visuals in the future.

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