Saturday, July 10, 2010


Teebs , who resides out of Southern California , is an accomplished Skater , Painter and also ofcourse a respected beat maker on the Brainfeeder label. Inspired by trips to the Low End Theory , he is now working with the producers that he heard down at the Iconic L.A club.

With an EP already released this year with UK producer Jackhigh and another release set very shortly on Brainfeeder , Teebs is a busy man. So I was lucky to achieve some time with him to discuss everything that is happening right now!

Teebs , thankyou very much for allowing me to ask you some things , from all the way over in Sydney , Australia , whats happening with you today?

of im working on some art for the upcoming hawaii showing in august with the sound&space people...also trying to finish a remix for a friend and then head out to a birthday party for one of the dublab guys.

Skating , Painting and ofcourse making music , how do you fit everything in??

i think i would fall apart if i didnt.

Your artwork pieces are amazing , where do you draw inspiration from?

From almost anything really...right now I would say the weather.

How did it feel to be included on Mary Anne Hobbs's record Wild Angels? You must of been humbled to get that recognition.

Yeah definitely humbled. When I got the record in the mail and put the needle down I couldnt believe my music was playing back at me. A bit unreal.

Who do you look up to in the world of electronic music?

hmm...a lot of my friends. Daedelus still killlllllllsssssss meee.

How important do you feel Dublab is as a creative source for artists in L.A?

It would be on my top 2 list for sure. It's the center hub.

Your sound is a little different to others , what software do you use to create the tunes?

Fruity Loops.

I find the story about how you were inspired by the Low End Theory to get into Electronic music is a little like mine . A lot of nights over here that showcase this particular music have inspired me to get into it more heavily . How much of this time for you do you think drove you to where you are today?

Low End is still in my radar for inspiration so its still going onnn

Your name Mtendere means 'Peace' , is that the feeling you would your listeners to get out of your music?

Hmm it would be nice but I dont have any particular feeling I want the listener to get. Its all up to them. I do get that feeling myself though after I get tunes finished

Your Ardour release on Brainfeeder is not too far away , how is that coming along?

Really great...I have this giant to do list for the album and looking at it now the list is almost blank. Crazy to think that it will be completely out of my hands soon.

Any plans to come over to Australia one day?

None at the moment but maybe next year

cheers :)


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