Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Man That Is Samiyam

An Ann Arbor resident until 2007 when he moved to L.A , Samiyam samples Jazz , Soul and funk tones with Nintendo game samples to create Rap Beats. In 2008 he self released his debut record Rap Beats Vol. 1 and the following year delivered two e.p.'s with Return on Hyperdub and Man V.S Machine on Poo-Bah. He is also well known with creating music under the name 'Flyamsam' with his good friend Flying Lotus.

His debut tour of Australia and New Zealand begins next week and with much hype surrounding his first visit , it's with much pleasure that I bring you this insight into Samiyam from the man himself.

Whats good Sam? Where abouts are you at the moment?

Yo I'm good. Out in LA at the moment.

You are originally from Ann Arbor Michigan , is that where a lot of your early influences are from? Did the Motown sound of Detroit have a big influence on the sounds that you use?

My early influences came from all over. Of course there was always Motown music on the radio. That sound has defintely been an influence.

I also was into a lot of the music my parents listen to. They listen I also was into a lot of the music my parents listen to. They listen to all kinds of music. My Dad has a lot of dope jazz records.

How was the transition from life in Ann Arbor to L.A in 2007?

It took a while to get used to LA. I'm just now getting used to driving everyday and weather that never changes. I do feel at home now tho.I moved out with hardly any money and wasn't sure exactly how I would make it, but I was able to find work pretty quick. I'm grateful forthe group of people I met before and when I moved out here.. It really made it easier to feel like I had a supportive little group of friends.

Living with fellow Brainfeeder heads in Teebs and Flying Lotus must of helped a lot?

Yea it was fun living with Lotus. He showed me the building when I came out to LA a few months before I moved here. It made the move much easier to already have a good friend living next door. That was a good time..

Teebs moved in over a year after I did. He was my roommate for a fewmonths. He was actually the best roommate Ive had a that place.. Not only did he know how to clean up after himself but I would wake up to his music a lot. Imagine that: sun coming in the window, birds chirping and Teebs doing a live soundtrack for it all.

How would you describe your good friend Flying Lotus?

I would describe Lotus as being a very driven and creative individual. He's always pushing himself to try new things..Constantly creating.. Occasionally making a fart joke.

Is there a Rap Beats Vol. 2 in the works?

Rap beats vol.2 is done. I'm finishing an Album too. Lots of new music to release.

How much of a buzz is it to travel the world and do what you do?

I love the travelling. It always feels good to connect with audiences out of town and overseas. I also really appreciate the chance to explore and try local foods.

What does a Samiyam set normally involve?

In my sets, I usually play new stuff i'm working on.. some music from friends of mine.. and some random music that I like. I usually play off my 404, same thing I make music on.

You are heading to Australia in September, what do you know of this country? Has the Gaslamp Killer who has been here twice now filled you in?

Yeeeah I'm really looking forward to it. I don't know that much about Australia.. It just looks beautiful from what I've seen and I've heard from everyone I know that the people are really cool and friendly.

Yea GLK just told me I would like it. Ras G said the same thing. I'm excited!!

Well we are all eagerly awaiting your arrival Sam, thankyou for your time...


Samiyam is in Sydney on the 16th of September at the newest venue in town 'Tone', brought to you by the Space is the place crew - event details here - S16

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