Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Purple One That is Mochipet

David Wang , better known around the world as Mochipet is a diverse electronic music artist with his sounds ranging Glitch Hop to techno to Hip-Hop to heavy metal. He DJ's around the world dressed in a purple dinosaur outfit.

His releases over the years include Microphonepet , Bunnies & Muffins , Master P on Atari , Girls Love Breakcore , Godzilla New Year and many others. All of which were put out on his own Daily City Records label.

He has shared the stage with everyone from Flying Lotus to QBert to Gift of Gab. His collaborative efforts include Spank Rock and Mikah9 of Freestyle Fellowship.

He has toured the world playing at underground and larger venues from the Low End Theory in L.A as well as Treasure Island Festival in San Francisco. His works have also been represented on video games such as NBA2K9 and TV channels such as Fuel and DirecTV.

Currently working on two projects , “Vendetta (with MC Zulu)” and “Rawr Means I love You in Dinosaur,” I was lucky enough to ask some questions about the life and times of Mochipet.

Mochipet , absolute pleasure to be able to ask you some things , I believe you played at a camp out gig in Saratoga Springs California over the weekend , how did that go?

It was amazing. Lots of amazing local talent and friends there. Rebel Bass did an awesome job with the camp definitely one of the most well thought out camp outs I played this summer, and I played many. The crowd was very energetic and inspiring. Pool party was off the hook. Had a great time!

Have you been unveiling many new tracks from the next records you are currently working on?

I haven't yet, but I will be putting up many tracks on my Soundcloud(http://www.soundcloud.com/mochipet/) as I'm working on the album so please check that if you are interested. I am very interested to hear the reactions of people out there as I'm taking a brand new direction in sound.

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn't heard your work before?

The best way i can describe it is that it's very "Multi-Faceted." I draw from many influences to try and create something new. I don't really stick to certain formulas tempos or sound structures. Some of my songs are very heavy bass oriented while others are smaller sounding and more intricate. Some of my songs are very dance oriented while others are not related to dance music at all. I think you have to just listen to it to understand.

I heard your Dubstep version of 'Devo's "whip it" the other day , whats the decision making process like in remixing tracks? That one was on point by the way.

I have sort of a tongue and cheek approach to Dubstep right now that I don't think many people are taking. Don't get me wrong, I love all the Dubstep coming out right now but I feel it all leans towards the more heavy serious machismo attitude. I think you also have to see the comedy of it all. And the Nitrous Infused Dubstep Whipit Devo remix just seemed to fit the bill.

Any awkward moments you can tell us that you have had in DJ'ing in a purple dinosaur suit?

Oh yes, there has been many awkward moments, but the one that comes to mind is that once this female fan actually climbed into my dinosaur suit with me and made me walk through this party with her inside. We ended up falling over in an awkward position and everyone was pretty confused. Those were good times.

Are your musical influences as broad as your styles that you play yourself?

Yes, definitely! Sometimes I wish musical styles would develop more quickly so I could have more types of music to study. I could never get board with studding new musical styles. Music is such a wonderful mysterious language that could never have enough words in it's vocabulary.

What software do you use to make your music?

It really depends on what I'm trying to do. I use all the basic stuff plus a lot of free obscure plugins people have developed and posted up online. But sometimes I like to just start with an acoustical instrument or sample something that has the sound quality I'm looking for. I find the easiest way is to always go to the source.

How do you manage touring as an artist as well as controlling whats going on with the record label? It must keep you busy.

Yes, extremely. And that's why I'm employing the help of others right now to build the label to the next level. We just got an office at Union Square in San Francisco and we are looking for bright young talent. So if you are interested please contact info@dalycityrecords.com with your resumes! I am also canceling many tour dates later this summer so i can finish working on my two new records "Rawr Means I Love You" and "Mochipet is Evil" with MC Zulu. Look for them early next year!

You have shared the stage with everyone from Kid Koala to Flying Lotus to the Beastie Boys, any crazy moments that you can tell us about?

Not with any of those guys. But once I played with Otto Von Schirach and some crazy old lady came up on stage naked in some bondage gear during his set and tried to perform some strange ritual to him and ended up cutting him with her nails. The Security eventually came up and pulled her away screaming naked. It was really strange evening.

Where does the inspiration come from when making music?

Everywhere, music is just a language, it can communicate anything u can comprehend. It an art, and art is an expression of the human condition. The human condition comes from all aspects of our lives. Deep thoughts with Mochipet....

You have a lot of support over here man , any plans to swing by Australia one day?

Thank you. I would love come to Australia one day. There has been many talks but it just never worked out. I hope one day I will be able to bring my sounds personally to Australia. I have never visited there so it would be an amazing place to see! I hear all kinds of amazing stories.

Thanks for your time...all the best with what you do.

Thank you for the interview!


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